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SEF-Special Effect Foil

SEF- Special Effect Foil CnC (Cast and Cure)

Cast and Cure (CnC) – The process with SEF -Special Effect Foils
With SEF Cast & Cure films, it is possible to achieve special 3D holographic effects in many different kinds of designs. By the interaction of a UV coating and a SEF CnC film containing the holographic design, the micro fine structure of the CnC film is being embossed into the surface of an uncured UV coating or varnish and then cured immediately by UV light.
Thus, the fine microstructure of the SEF CnC film used in the design remains in the surface of the applied and cured UV coating and the C&C film is rewound. There remains no CnC film on the printed substrate and the CnC film can be reused many times by certain CnC or “C2” modules with accurate winding and thus it is very efficient. CnC can be applied on coated paper, folding cartons and self-adhesive labels materials and other plastic substrates. The color of the pre-printed surface remains intact.
SEF CnC can be applied to printing inks, on hot stamping foils as well as on cold foil. Thus, the creative possibilities and design options are nearly endless.

Benefits of SEF Cast & Cure (CnC)
•    Solid or spot effects are possible
•    Applicable on a large range of absorbent and non-absorbent substrates
•    Applicable on Sheet-fed offset-, web-fed offset and Flexo-presses
•    Excellent Register
•    Short make ready times
•    Suitable for short and large print runs
•    High operating speeds
•    Individual, personalized designs can be customized
•    Use of security features in SEF-standard designs and custom designs
•    Available in a large range of holographic patterns
•    No film remains after application on the sheet
•    The process is resource-efficient compared to other finishes
•    The film can be reused multiple times
•    No VOCs / No volatilization

Possible printing processes for the application of Special Effect Foil – SEF Cast & Cure (CnC)

The SEF Cast and Cure effect can be applied in the following processes and machine types with correspondingly equipped CnC or C2 module:

•    In Flexographic printing on Narrow Web machines
•    In Offset printing on Narrow Web machines and Sheet-fed presses
•    On Special laminating machines
•    In Digital application on SCODIX machines

Markets & Applications of SEF Cast & Cure
Cast & Cure can be used for many different kinds of applications and jobs. Since the CnC application is suitable for all kinds of substrates which are also suitable to be UV coated, “C&C” or “C2” comes in many markets as efficient and young enhancement process in question.
This could be, for example, the following:
•    Food & Bevarage
•    Wine & Spirits
•    Entertainment Media
•    Publishing
•    Cosmetics
•    Personal care
•    Pharmaceuticals
•    Toys
•    Elektronics
•    Security and much more

Typical uses:
•    Magazines
•    Posters
•    Folding boxes / packaging
•    Flexible packaing
•    Displays
•    Labels
•    Sticker
•    Book covers
•    Bags

SEF Cast & Cure Designs
Univacco Foils offers a large range of designs as SEF Cast & Cure Film.

•    POL – Pillars of Light
We provide and supply different Pillars of Light designs in horizontal, vertical, diagonal or mini POL option.
•    Busy Patterns
We supply different kinds of busy patterns, such as „broken glasses“ , „pieces“, “rings” and much more.
•    Lens Patterns
We supply Lens Patterns, such as „Bubbles “or „Balls“, with which amazing 3D effects possible to achieve.

You will be impressed by the possibilities of our SEF collection. We will be happy to answer any questions on the topic Cast & Cure / Special Effect Foils SEF.
Please don´t hesitate to contact us!

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