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Cold Transfer – The web-fed process

In web-fed printing Cold Foil can be applied in Flexo-, Offset printing and letterpress process.
The majority of cold foil jobs are being produced in flexographic printing by using an UV-curing cold foil adhesive which is applied with an anilox roller in a specific volume via a polymer plate onto a substrate.
Immediately thereafter, the Cold Foil web is combined by means of a press roll with the substrate and adhesive. After this step, the UV adhesive is cured through the Cold Foil by UV radiation and the backing material is being removed. The metallized layer of cold foil remains on the areas which previously have been applied with adhesive. In the following printing units the Cold Foil can be inline overprinted and many different multi-colored metallic effects can be achieved individually.
Depending on the absorbency of the used substrate, the adhesive amount must be amended to the right amount by the anilox roller volume and/or gravure if necessary.
The adhesive amount can be controlled very precisely over the used cell volume and the type of anilox roller in flexographic printing.

•    The transference of finest details, fonts, large areas and screens is possible in a single run
•    Inline- & Offline overprinting is possible
•    No hot stamping clichés are necessary
•    For the process no heat and no high pressure are required
•    Application on heat sensitive substrates possible
•    The surface structure of the printing material is maintained on both sides
•    Very short set-up and make ready times and fast roll and job changes
•    Very high production speeds
•    Also optionally available as a shrink sleeve version  for reverse effects
•    Compared to metallized substrates no opaque white application is necessary, the white degree of the substrate can be optimally and efficiently used by avoiding the corresponding

Marktes / Typical uses

The Cold Foil finishing in web-fed printing is used for many different kinds of applications. Diverse markets use a Cold Foil enhancement for their products to gain an added value. For example the following ones:

•    Food & Bevarage
•    Spirits & Wine
•    Cosmetics
•    Personal care
•    Pharmaceuticals
•    Toys
•    Elektronik
•    Non-Food
•    Security
•    Oil & Greases
•    Lottery, Loyalty Programme and much more

Machines for cold foiling in web-fed printing
Below is a list of various printing machines Manufacturer:
•    Allied Gear
•    Aquaflex/Chromas
•    Arpeco
•    Comco Commander
•    Gallus
•    GiDue
•    Imer
•    Komori
•    Mark Andy
•    MPS
•    Nilpeter
•    Omet
•    Rotatek
•    Rotopress
•    Webflex Foil System
•    Webtron
•    Link Label
•    Labelmen
•    Orthotec

Substrates and adhesives for cold foil applications in web-fed printing

Suitable substrates are, for example, various plastics, such as PP, PET or PE, which are mainly used for self-adhesive labels but also for flexible packaging. Also tube laminates can be enhanced with with Cold Foil. A corona treatment is recommended. For a good overall printing performance a surface tension of >38 dyne is necessary. Coated papers and folding cartons can be also enhanced in web-fed printing. However, very absorbent, uncoated substrates are less suitable for cold stamping suitable because the adhesive penetrates too quickly into the substrate.
Good results can be achieved but with the help of a primer pretreatment, since thus the surface can be closed and the absorbency is reduced simultaneously.

UV-adhesives for Flexographic printing

Flint Group (UVH00002/UVH00007)
SunChemical (DK03 / SLD0008)
Paragon (Uvdry L 414)
Select inks (UV Cold Foil adhesive FUV 1504)
Zeller Gmelin (UVAFLEX U0841)
Jänecke & Schneemann (UV Flexo Cold Foil Adhesive 390611)

UV-adhesives for web-fed offset printing
Huber Group (UV-Adhesive UV Temp 204501)
Zeller Gmelin (UVALUX® U0821, U0821LM)

UV-adhesives for Letterpress printing

Flint Group (UVH00123)
Zeller Gmelin (UVALUX® U0821, U0821LM)
Topcolorink (UV 001)
UNIVACCO Cold Foil´s for web-fed machines

UNIVACCO manufactures and supplies with the CF series a large high quality range of Cold Foil types for web-fed printing machines. Cold foils of UNIVACCO have a high gloss and are suitable for large areas as well as for fine line designs and fonts. A good adhesion can be achieved with many different kinds of available cold foil adhesive in the different markets.

Our Narrow Web Cold Foils in the overview

CF3.1 – Metallic coloured Narrow Web Cold Foil
Color shades: Different colors are available upon request
CF4.6R-A- Metallic Narrow Web Cold Foil with over-printability
Color shades: Standard Gold & Silver
CF4.6S – Metallic Narrow Web Shrink Sleeve Cold Foil
Color shades: Standard Gold & Silver (metallics on request)

CF2.2 - Transparent holographic Narrow Web Cold Foil
Color shades:  (Transparent)
CF4.2 - Holographic Narrow Web Cold Foil with over-printability (optionally available as CF4.2S for reverse effects)
Color shades: Standard Gold & Silver

Producten metallic

Producten holografisch

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Warmdrukfolie en koudfolie
Univacco Holland biedt een hoogwaardig programma metallic warmdrukfolies en koudfolies. Onze folies zijn geschikt voor de meest uiteenlopende toepassingen op bijna alle soorten papier, karton, lakken of plastics, zoals bijvoorbeeld op glad en ruw papier en karton, laminaten en zelfklevend etikettenmateriaal.