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2018  UNIVACCO was certificated to ISO 14067-3:2013 Product Carbon Footprint Verification.  
2017  UNIVACCO Foils East in Boston established.  
2016  UNIVACCO was certificated to ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management Standards.  
2014 Fons van Delft takes over Univacco Foils Holland BV

UNIVACCO was certificated to OHSAS 18001:2007 and TOSHMS CNS 15506:2011 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems.

2012 FSEA 2011 Gold Leaf Award-Silver Leaf Award Winner
2011 FSEA 2010 Gold Leaf Award-Silver Leaf Award winner
Taiwan Gold Print Award winner
Taiwan Design Award
2010 "Taiwan Trainquali System Model" Gold Prize was entitled.
"Ringer Technology Innovation Award 2011" for packaging industry was entitled.
Sales volume ranking # 798 of the 1000 Taiwan manufacturers by Commonwealth Magazine Taiwan.
2009 President of Taiwan, Mr. Ma visited headquarters to honor the well-executed "Youth Career Experience Project" led by Execution Yuan Taiwan Unitron Technology Inc. Was established for IMR business.
Sales volume ranking # 742 of the 1000 Taiwan manufacturers by Commonwealth Magazine Taiwan.
2008 Univacco Foils Holland BV was established.
YOTO HOLOGRAPHICS, INC. Was emerged into UNIVACCO group. Plant 4 of Taiwan Headquarters and 3rd District of Wuxi Plant were established.
Sales volume ranking # 829 of the 1000 Taiwan manufacturers by Commonwealth Magazine Taiwan.
2007 The title "Friendly Work Field" was awarded by Council of Labor Affairs, Execution Yuan Taiwan Plant 3 was established, ready for mass production Sales volume ranking # 903 and Profit margin ranking #200 of the 1000 Taiwan manufacturers by Commonwealth Magazine Taiwan OTC-listed in Taiwan officially (stock# 3303).
2004 Emerging Stock Market registration completed.  
2003 Plant 2 was established for optical-electronic film manufacture, officially adventured to optical-electronic industry Initial Public Offering. President Kuo-Lung, Tsai was honored as "Youth Enterpriser Model" of the 26th Youth Enterpriser Award.  
2002 Company title was renamed as Univacco Technology Inc. (UNIVACCO). The title "Demonstration Plant" was awarded by Small and Medium Enterprise Remonstration, Ministry of Economic Affairs Taiwan.  
2000 In-house quality management system was certified by ISO9001 as the first in Taiwan stamping foil industry.  
1995 Plant and office was moved to current location:
No.1-13, Makou Village, Madou District, Tainan City, Taiwan 72154
1990 TAI LENG INDUSTRY CO., LTD was established in Sin-Hua District, Tainan, Taiwan.  

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Warmdrukfolie en koudfolie
Univacco Holland biedt een hoogwaardig programma metallic warmdrukfolies en koudfolies. Onze folies zijn geschikt voor de meest uiteenlopende toepassingen op bijna alle soorten papier, karton, lakken of plastics, zoals bijvoorbeeld op glad en ruw papier en karton, laminaten en zelfklevend etikettenmateriaal.