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Together with best-in-class partners Univacco offers reliable logistics solutions. With a competent and uncomplicated order process, as well as short lead times and delivery times, your orders reach the final destination safely and quickly.  We also offer you the option of customized storage of our films in various widths, lengths and cores. Weekly container transport and the use modern ERP software systems ensure the availability of our films.

In case you have any further questions regarding the logistics of Univacco, please donĀ“t hesitate to contact us!

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Warmdrukfolie en koudfolie
Univacco Holland biedt een hoogwaardig programma metallic warmdrukfolies en koudfolies. Onze folies zijn geschikt voor de meest uiteenlopende toepassingen op bijna alle soorten papier, karton, lakken of plastics, zoals bijvoorbeeld op glad en ruw papier en karton, laminaten en zelfklevend etikettenmateriaal.