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Green Energy

Green Energy & Green Methods

Univacco Holland latest commitment on green energy and environmental safety is a huge investment into brand new business premises in the industrial zone of Waalwijk, not far from our actual premises at Havenweg 1.
The new business premises are not depending on natural gas, creating all electricity needed for the entire building, it´s facilities and machinery.
A special ATES system using aquifers to store heat and cold and the groundwater as a heat carrier. In addition to the ATES, solar thermal collectors on the roof, combined with Photovoltaik panels, will provide additionally heat or cold. The electricity needed is being generated with PV-panels.
Highly efficient LED lighting system across the whole building including presence detectors, using light and energy efficiently only when it is really needed. The connection of the building is dimensioned in such a way that energy can always be generated. If the building does not need the energy itself, for example in the weekends, the energy can be supplied back to the grid and this renewable energy is used by local residents, for example.


Moreover, following actions and achievements could be reached by Univacco Technology Inc. on the manufacturing site.

  • Eco-solvent formulas are used in production developments successfully
  • Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTO) recycle combustion are being used and reduced VOC emissions
  • Energy consumption for manufacturing units is reduced in 2018 by 12% compared to 2017
  • Monitored unit use of production energy and resources and continue to improve, implement clean production effectively enhance overall resource productivity
  • Procurement of green raw materials and increased rate of production of water-based formula products by year, to reduce environmental impact

As for the development of green energy products and green production strategies, the Company also actively promotes environmentally friendly formulas & coating techniques, introduced high solid coating techniques, and reduced the use of volatile organic solvents (VOC). In recent years, Univacco also actively developed water-based coating systems, or conducted production development using environmentally friendly solvent systems. Moreover, the Company recycles organic solvents from existing products, and successfully applies such recycled solvents onto new products, thereby achieving reduction of energy and CO2 emission of up to 337 tCO2e per year from the reduction of procured solvents. Coupled with the help of Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTO) in recycling burning, production VOC emission has been greatly reduced, which also helps save energy and reduce CO2 emissions.

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Warmdrukfolie en koudfolie
Univacco Holland biedt een hoogwaardig programma metallic warmdrukfolies en koudfolies. Onze folies zijn geschikt voor de meest uiteenlopende toepassingen op bijna alle soorten papier, karton, lakken of plastics, zoals bijvoorbeeld op glad en ruw papier en karton, laminaten en zelfklevend etikettenmateriaal.