Univacco receives ISO 18745-1:2018 certificate for its hot stamping series products

Univacco Technology Inc. receives ISO 18745-1:2018 certification for its PV Series hot stamp products. This confirms that the products meet International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards for the durability of fully personalized machine-readable passports (MRP).


The durability of the stamps on travel documents is of utmost importance. In particular, the cover of passports with a validity period of up to ten years requires strict quality control. To effectively handle this demanding task, Univacco has specially developed the PV series hot stamping products.

ISO 18745-1:2018 test methods include short-term immersion in chemicals, exposure to salt spray, exposure to artificial perspiration and color fastness. The results show that the PV Series can deliver passport covers with excellent chemical resistance, providing extremely durable travel documents of the highest quality.

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