Univacco receives compostability certificate

Univacco has received a DIN CERTCO certificate for hot stamping product 705, which identifies the product as an additive that is harmless to the composting process.


After rigorous laboratory testing, Univacco 705 meets the evaluation criteria for compostable materials as defined in the European standard EN13432 and the North American standard ASTM D6400. After decomposition, substrates decorated with the Univacco Hot Stamping Product 705 do not leave behind toxic residues, nor do they show any negative impact on the environment.

Univacco is constantly looking for ways to continue its commitment to the environment. The Univacco Hot Stamping Product 705 is certified according to many international safety regulations, including RoHS, REACH, 94/62/EC, EU No. 10/211, and EN 71-3. Together with the deinkability certification previously granted by INGEDE, papers decorated with product 705 can also be easily deinked in the repulping process.

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