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Sheet fed Offset Cold Foil

Sheet fed Offset Cold Foil - Metallic - CF6.2S
Metallic Sheet fed Offset Cold Foil

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Main characteristics
  • UV overprintable cold foil for sheet-fed offset applications with oxidative drying & UV-curing cold foil adhesives
  • Fine definition with easy release properties
  • Suitable for fine line and  broad area designs
  • Ultra high gloss
  • Good overprintability with both UV curing inks and conventionally-/oxidative drying printing inks
  • Good adhesion to oxidative/ conventionally drying and UV cold foil adhesives
  •  High operating speed over 8.000 sheets/hr, possibly up to 18.000 sheets/hr


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A strong range of high quality hot stamping and coldfoil, innovative objectives, an excellent service apparatus and extremely committed and client-oriented employees make Univacco one of a limited group of premium brands operating in Europe. As regards the development and marketing of the most up-to-date developments, such as cold foil stamping and Special Effect Foil, Univacco is right up there in the lead!