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Recycling of enhanced paper & carton

Substrates which have been enhanced with stamping foils, can be recycled and they do not interfere the recycling process. Researches by specific printing institutes as well as confirmed in a study, that very high coverages of stamping foil applied can be removed by de-inking process and recycled into pulp again finally into new paper and carton. During the de-inking process, no high amounts of disturbing stickies (tacky particles) are being caused by the stamping foil applied. The percentage of foil coverage allowance vary according to different sources for hot- and cold-stamping foils depending on the region, existing facilities and policies of each recycling company.
Sorting and recycling facilities which are sorting used paper into five different classes according to EU Standards (CEPI/B.I.R.), are at industrial scale existing. The assignments taking place according to printing methods, paper class and enhanced substrates. Enhanced / Foiled substrates are being divided into subcategories *Wet-glue label paper*, *Old-paper* as well as *Packaging boxes*.

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Hot Stamping Foil and Cold Foil
A strong range of high quality hot stamping and coldfoil, innovative objectives, an excellent service apparatus and extremely committed and client-oriented employees make Univacco one of a limited group of premium brands operating in Europe. As regards the development and marketing of the most up-to-date developments, such as cold foil stamping and Special Effect Foil, Univacco is right up there in the lead!