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New premises

Univacco Foils Holland New start-of-the-art business premises and slitting-center in Waalwijk

  • Investment: around 10 million €
  • Warehouse space tripled
  • Space for quality lab and showroom
  • New test room facilities

Waalwijk, March 30, 2020

Over the last years, Univacco Foils Holland constantly followed the strategy of driving the growth of its business. Thanks, Univacco´ s high level quality products and the professional service organisation, Univacco Foils Holland was able to fulfil the expectation of the market and therefore, together with all great partners, always achieved the targets in different aspects. The entire Univacco Holland team would like to thank to all our loyal customers making a success of our efforts.

In order to keep the story of success ongoing and to secure a sustainable business development, we are happy to announce that Univacco Foils Holland will move into a new business premises in 2021.

Warehouse capacity and workflow are extended and three times larger than the actual facilities. Also, more space for Quality Management including testing facilities for hot- and cold foil technologies will be given. Results of different printing and foiling applications will be presented later in the newly presented showroom. Preparations have already started, and the first pile has gone down in the meantime. The new premises are very close to the highway A59 and nearby to the actual premises in the industrial zone of Waalwijk.

The new building is not depending at all on natural gas, creating all electricity needed for the entire building, it´s facilities and machinery.
A special ATES system using aquifers to store heat and cold and the groundwater as a heat carrier. In addition to the ATES, solar thermal collectors on the roof, combined with Photovoltaik panels, will provide additionally heat or cold. The electricity needed is being generated with PV-panels.
Highly efficient LED lighting system across the whole building including presence detectors, using light and energy efficiently only when it is really needed. The connection of the building is dimensioned in such a way that energy can always be generated. If the building does not need the energy itself, for example in the weekends, the energy can be supplied back to the grid and this renewable energy is used by local-residents, for example.

Upcoming shows

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Hot Stamping Foil and Cold Foil
A strong range of high quality hot stamping and coldfoil, innovative objectives, an excellent service apparatus and extremely committed and client-oriented employees make Univacco one of a limited group of premium brands operating in Europe. As regards the development and marketing of the most up-to-date developments, such as cold foil stamping and Special Effect Foil, Univacco is right up there in the lead!