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Holographic foils

Wide range of attractive holographic designs

Univacco Foils Holland BV offers an attractive portfolio of holographic designs for graphical applications. Holographic hot stamping foils of UNIVACCO are intended and suitable for a wide range of applications and material surfaces in the printing and packaging industry.

Impressive continuous designs through endless "Seamless effect”

Our UNIVACCO HD series is convincing with continuous "Seamless" effects on many endless designs. As an example our UNIVACCO Rainbow Pattern offers impressive and endless rainbow effects free of the elsewhere typical visually striking shim lines, a true seamless stunning optical effect is possible with our HD series. This is possible because we have a very consistent, brilliant play of colors and excellent reflections in our holographic hot stamping foils. The "Seamless holography" enables printing and design processes to offer graphic designers, printers and brand owners a whole new range of possibilities and advantages.

Attractive effects for labels, packaging and printed advertising materials

In addition to our metallized films you our holographic foils offer even further attractive ways to enhance your packaging, labels and brochures or printed advertising materials of any kind with additional very appealing and attractive effects.  This enables increase the value of your product or brand appearance significantly. Impressive glitter effects, play of light and colors increase the attractiveness and value of promotional materials, packaging and products.

Gold, silver, special colors and coating effects

Our color options include both standard gold and silver as well as certain special colors are available. However there is also the possibility to print our holographic foils with process and spot colors and enhance even further with coating. The possibilities related to generating color shades and coating effects in connection with the respective designs are extensive and opens up to additional individual designs without any limits.

Color options
• Silver S-01
• Gold G-220 / G-116

Guide on our product names

Please call with any questions or orders an if possible mention desired film type, pattern name as well as your desired color choice or let us assist you and guide you for the best selection for your application. Example Product names: Hot foil: 705 HD17 RE-905, Cold Foil: CF4.2 HD09 HD01 Sheet-fed cold foil: CF5.1 HD01 S-01 or Lamination Film: LP4.0 HD1D G-20

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Holographic Foils - features, properties, applications

Our holographic films are available as:
•    Holographic Hot Stamping Foil
•    Holographic Narrow web Cold Foil
•    Holographic Sheet fed Offset Cold Foil

Holographic Foil - Application areas
Our holographic films are suitable for:
•    Packaging
•    Folding Boxes
•    Labels
•    Brochures
•    Cosmetics labeling and packaging
•    Promotional items
•    Greeting Cards
•    Printed advertising materials
•    and many other areas….

Holographic Foil - Special advantages
•    Very high graphical appearance
•    Value added and differentiation by the stand out of the crowd appearance
•    Enhancement of labeling and packaging products and printed advertising materials

If you have any questions regarding our holographic films or how to use them as hot stamping foils or cold foils. Please let us assist with the print technical aspects, applications and advantages of holographic foil. Please contact do not hesitate to contact us –

We are a leading manufacturer of metallic hot stamping foils, cold foil, holographic films, lamination foils and many other products.

01 Rainbow

02 Fans

05 Pinwheels

07 Rocks

09 Small Rocks

10 Drops

11 Broken Glasses

13 Sprinkles

15 Rings

17 Pieces

20 Small Pinwheels

30 Tiny Drops

OZ Tiny Pieces

1C Horizontal Mini Pillar

1D Mirror Surface Horizontal Pillar

1E Mirror Surface Vertical Pillar

1G Wire Surface Leaning Pillar
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Hot Stamping Foil and Cold Foil
A strong range of high quality hot stamping and coldfoil, innovative objectives, an excellent service apparatus and extremely committed and client-oriented employees make Univacco one of a limited group of premium brands operating in Europe. As regards the development and marketing of the most up-to-date developments, such as cold foil stamping and Special Effect Foil, Univacco is right up there in the lead!