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Corporate Social Responsibility

“Integrity, Pragmatism, Gratitude, Appreciation” has been followed as the core value of Univacco since its establishment. While pursuing corporate sustainable development and global layout, the Company concurrently adheres to the right track principle of integrity and pragmatism, particularly executing the operational concept of gratitude and appreciation. We proactively create corporate value and optimize corporate governance, understanding and responding to the demand of stakeholders, and implement the promotion of a sustainable environment, as well as identify and support the expectation from society. Univacco has committed to continuously promote its positive influences to join forces with the general society and create a happier, fairer, and more helpful environment and life through learning and growth.

In the course of operation, Univacco has committed to comply with the code of conduct, including:

1. Comply with national laws and regulations and realize operation with integrity
2. Advocate in operation and development, continue creating value
3. Provide a safe, equal, healthy, and advanced working environment
4. Respect opinions from our members, maintain a harmonious labor-capital relationship
5. Actively promote education and training, assist learning and growth for our members
6. Continue the improvement of environmental protection measures, realize energy conservation and CO2 (carbon dioxide) emission reduction, as well as maintain clean production
7. Assist suppliers and contractors to improve their quality and grow together
8. Focus and support Society demands; prosper and coexist with society

To fulfil corporate social responsibility and to promote economic, environmental and social development, Univacco strives to achieve sustainable development and deliver high quality products. Univacco deeply recognizes the urgency and responsibility the company holds for implementing the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda and its 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).



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Heißprägefolien und Kaltfolie
Univacco Foils Holland BV bietet Ihnen ein hochwertiges Programm an aluminium-metallisierten und holographischen Heißprägefolien und Kaltfolien. Unsere Folien eignen sich für verschiedenste Anwendungen auf fast allen eingesetzten Papier-, Karton-, Lack- und Kunststoffoberflächen, wie z.B. auf gestrichenen und ungestrichenen Papieren und Kartonagen sowie auf Laminaten und auch auf selbstklebenden Etiketten-Materialien.