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Company Visions

UNIVACCO professionalizes the technical combination of vacuum coating/ vacuum metallizing and chemical formula, which leads to stamping foils and optical-electronics films manufactures for fine printing/stamping and optical-electronics businesses.

The finished products of UNIVACCO’s foils and films can be found at every corner of our daily life including food packaging/labeling, textile printing, household appliance surface decoration, automobile device surface decoration, and protection of electronics devices and components.

Sales volume of stamping foil products has steadily increased at average growth rate 10-20% per year, and taken a crucial market position worldwide. Aside from marketing existing product line, UNIVACCO views product innovation second to none; in this case, the launch of flexo cold foils and offset cold foils has made believe the industry that UNIVACCO ventures to create possibilities successfully at its best. Next, UNIVACCO will focus on surface decoration film joining to enrich UNIVACCO’s professionals and push UNIVACCO to be Asia No.1 and TOP 3 worldwide in near future.

With the above success experiences, UNIVACCO also puts efforts on optical-electronics films development, which has brought out in process super clean protective film, optical protective film, diffuser, MC-CCL and SMD cover tape. Surrounded by optical-electronics leading brands in Taiwan, Univacco seizes such given sources and pays full attention to its product development. The ticket to the next optical-electronics films shining brand is held tightly in UNIVACCO’s hands.

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Hot Stamping Foil and Cold Foil
A strong range of high quality hot stamping and coldfoil, innovative objectives, an excellent service apparatus and extremely committed and client-oriented employees make Univacco one of a limited group of premium brands operating in Europe. As regards the development and marketing of the most up-to-date developments, such as cold foil stamping and Special Effect Foil, Univacco is right up there in the lead!