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New Cold Foil for Labels

UNIVACCO Cold Foil CF4.6R-A takes the label to another level

The UNIVACCO brand name represents quality, innovation, and the everlasting pursuit of improvement, with the goal of supplying consistent, visually-appealing foils that add value to their customers’ products. Nowhere else is this more evident than with the new UNIVACCO Narrow Web Cold Foil, the CF4.6R-A.  

Benefits of UNIVACCO Narrow Web Cold Foil 
The CF4.6R-A is compatible with machines and substrates throughout the graphic industry, specifically crafted to meet the demands of designers and printers alike. Its core characteristics will appeal to all users:

1.      Extraordinary over-printability

2.      Excellent coverage of broad area´s and fine detail

3.      Sharp edges and smooth lines

4.      High operating speed

5.      Superior workability and easy make ready´s  

The CF4.6R-A will maximize the value of your labels, providing excellent transfer at high printing speeds with straight lines and sharp edges for both text and graphics. With this new foil, UNIVACCO tested the limits by alternating low and high speeds; using flexo, letterpress, and web-offset machines; and printing with than five types each of ink, adhesives, and substrates. Each result demonstrated the impressive versatility of this foil.  

Suitable on a variety of substrates
workability shortens adjustment time, making it ready for action quickly on a variety of substrates: self-adhesive labels, shrink sleeves, PE tubes, and more! The outstanding working window has been proven by many international printing houses around the world.

The remarkable over-printability of CF4.6R-A not only provides a better foil solution, but also enhances the quality of each label, taking the label appearance and effect to another level.  

The UNIVACCO CF4.6R-A Cold Foil will launch at Labelexpo at the UNIVACCO stand (booth 3D60) and will be displayed on an array of unique and inspiring labels.  




Heißprägefolien und Kaltfolie
Univacco Foils Holland BV bietet Ihnen ein hochwertiges Programm an aluminium-metallisierten und holographischen Heißprägefolien und Kaltfolien. Unsere Folien eignen sich für verschiedenste Anwendungen auf fast allen eingesetzten Papier-, Karton-, Lack- und Kunststoffoberflächen, wie z.B. auf gestrichenen und ungestrichenen Papieren und Kartonagen sowie auf Laminaten und auch auf selbstklebenden Etiketten-Materialien.